Welcome bonus, many options for all tastes

William Hill Casino The welcome bonuses are undoubtedly the most generous bonuses that online casinos give to their users who decide to sign up. For this reason, the welcome bonuses are usually the richest ones and which attract everyone’s attention because they must convince players to enter and register in this rather than in the other online casino. Compared to live casinos, where as a “welcome bonus” you can receive a couple of drinks at the most, the online ones are certainly more generous, which is why players appreciate the welcome bonuses that digital gaming platforms offer .

The welcome bonus structure

The welcome bonuses are structured in a specific way. On the first deposit of the player who signs up, they offer a percentage of doubling the amount paid, often by placing a maximum ceiling on this doubling. For example, 100% of what is paid into the game account as a first deposit is returned up to a maximum of 300 euros. Here, this is the system adopted by many online casinos when it comes to welcome bonuses.

Terms and conditions for welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses are real contracts that the user, when he accepts there, decides to sign with the online casino. The important thing, therefore, to do, when you decide to accept a welcome bonus, is to understand well what we are taking and above all the terms and conditions to which we bind ourselves to avoid then being surprised or not being able to take full advantage of all the amount paid as a bonus by the casino itself.

Requirements for having a welcome bonus

The requirements for receiving a welcome bonus are minimal. The online casino requires the user only to register on the site, obviously to be of legal age as established by Italian law, and to open a gaming account. Once this is done, the online casino is ready to provide the welcome bonus, as soon as the newly registered player will pay a sum to his gaming account. There are online casinos, however, that do not claim this last step, and are ready to give a welcome bonus, regardless of the payment of money into the gaming account. This is an interesting aspect that allows everyone, even those who do not yet want to pay even one euro on their account, to start playing for real money and to try all the attractions and games on that digital platform.

The differences between the various welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses can differ from each other in doubling percentages, or for the maximum ceiling, or also because they are free bonuses, with no deposit restrictions. Let’s analyze these three aspects well to better understand what we are talking about. As previously mentioned, a welcome bonus is linked to some parameters. The first parameter that we usually encounter when we talk about welcome bonuses is that related to the percentage of doubling, that is, to that percentage that raises our bonus even by 100% and often even 200%. Great deal if you think about it, but in order for this to happen, obviously you also have to pay a starting amount to the game account. To avoid, however, that the players by paying very large amounts, can increase their gaming account exponentially thanks to high percentages of the welcome bonuses, then many casinos have established a maximum ceiling for the doubling that can be established at 200 euro but often also comes to much much more substantial figures. As for bonuses not tied to a percentage, these are much smaller sums that can be played by users without too many problems. The only thing is that often these welcome bonuses have a sort of “deadline”, in the sense that they can only be used for a certain period, otherwise if they are not consumed they will be lost.

Some bonus constraints welcome

Often some types of welcome bonuses hide constraints. These constraints most of the time are related to the use of credit only for some games and for others not. The games that most of the time are not covered by this bonus are those with a low house edge. We are therefore talking about roulette and blackjack, which falling into this category, often cannot be chosen by the user in order to play the money received from the welcome bonus.