Live casino, a novelty that is becoming increasingly popular among fans

Live casino is increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices among gamblers. The choice of online casinos to bet on this sector is proving successful from all points of view, also because the public response is nothing short of encouraging. The success of this new service is due to the fact that this live casino is open 24 hours a day, but above all because it seems to be able to give greater confidence to all the users who play it compared to a traditional online casino where you do not have the possibility of to be able to see the draw of the cards or numbers.

Why choose a live casino

The choice of a live casino is tied to many factors. First of all we can say that the user chooses a live casino because he feels an integral part of the game. What does it mean? It is easy to explain this thing, because just the fact of being able to interact with the croupier already makes you feel part of the game; if you put the fact that you see all the movements of those who turn the ball on the roulette on the other side, or turn the cards, it is very easy to explain why. In addition to this, choosing a live casino also gives the possibility of being able to witness every game operation live, without being forced to rely on RNG, that is the generator of random numbers and therefore increases the confidence and security in the players.

How a live casino is structured

A live casino is a game room in all respects, with the only difference being that players are seated comfortably in their home. The croupier is filmed by several cameras and can interact with the players through a live chat. The game tables are equipped with sensors where the cards are passed every time they are drawn, all for maximum transparency. To ensure that everything goes according to the rules, there are the deputy authorities that monitor the table to avoid any type of scam.

How do you play live casino?

To play live casino is very simple, and it is the same as when we decide to play an online casino. Just be registered, have a gaming account with a cash deposit made and you are ready to play. Although there are much higher operating costs than an online casino, even in the live casino it is possible to bet reasonable amounts, much lower than at a table in a real casino.

The best live casinos on the market

Live casinos in Italy are not yet so many, also because this is a trend that has been gaining momentum. The first to lead the way was 888 Casino which offers the possibility of playing live blackjack and live roulette; or Winga Casino which has a television channel on the satellite dedicated to roulette, where those who play can watch the progress of the betting and the game itself.


Compared to an online casino, the live casino can offer the same convenience of being able to play at home but with that little bit more that only the live can give. Emotions, interactivity, live control of the bets and the game. Live casino is all of this and more.