High roller: bonuses dedicated to big players

With the term high roller we define a certain bonus which is linked only to those casino tables where the betting levels are maximum. So the high roller bonuses are dedicated only to those players who invest a lot of money, let’s say almost professional players, who like to bet, play important figures. The online casinos, with this type of bonus, have thought exclusively of them, also creating a sort of point accumulation system linked this time to the game hands and not to the levels as happens for example in the VIP programs.

The high roller system

The high roller bonus system is structured in a very simple way and has no particular constraints as it happens in other bonuses. As we said earlier, the high roller bonus is intended only for a certain group of players, so those who approach an online casino for the first time, will not be able to use it and will have to focus their attention on the myriad of other bonuses that comes every day created for the so-called standard audience. The high roller bonus has many privileges for these players behind it, such as dedicated technical support but above all it has a point accumulation system, the so-called loyalty rewards which sees the players accumulating points, on the game hands made. This is because professional players play a very large number of hands, compared to those who approach an online casino for the first time.

Different types of High Roller bonuses

Often the high roller bonus is also awarded with different types of bonus itself, pairing it with other types of promotion. To understand each other better, for example a welcome bonus could also be a high roller bonus. Obviously this welcome bonus is not attributable to all players, but is always addressed to those users who play certain amounts. There are online casinos that have been created specifically for this category of players who love “heavy bets” and therefore also organize their bonuses based on the type of customers who frequent them.

High Roller bonus for payment method

Even the choice of payment method in some online casinos can be linked to a high roller bonus. Often these gaming platforms, always for the well-defined category of big players, give a high roller bonus to those who choose to deposit the money into their gaming account in the preferred mode of the casino. Almost always, if you choose this type of deposit, then the casino recognizes the user with a High roller bonus which often involves a very high percentage of monthly payments.

Other high roller bonuses

Another example of a high roller bonus is the one nicknamed cashback. What does this bonus do? First of all it is fair to explain that casinos that adopt this type of bonus do it for a safe return of money. How does it work? The player who in the current month has a negative balance in the game account, at the end of the month will be reimbursed for a part of the losses, which very often is around 10%. This bonus can for example be used on a certain day of the month. Obviously we are talking about important losses, certainly not of small amounts.

Bonus high roller

High roller bonuses usually have no time limit. Unlike the other types of bonuses that online casinos distribute to users who decide to sign up, high roller bonuses do not expire, they can be used safely by players when and how they want. This because? Because online casinos know very well that, being aimed at an audience of players who are not limited to a few sporadic weekly bets, they will be used as many as before, given the amount of games played over a month.