CartaSi online casino: a world of convenience in one card

A. was born in 1985 under the name Interbank Services with the acronym It means interbank services, from the initiative of 16 Italian banks, the four central banks of the category and the A.B.I., the Italian Banking Association. CartaSi, Servizi Interbancari later included Eurocard Italiana and Comites among its subsidiaries, so as to form a large and very solid group which includes many national credit institutions.

CartaSi and its evolution in internet casinos

In Italy the credit card has always been seen with a particular eye, but today to play casino on the internet it is one of the most used payment method. Initially it was considered more than a useful tool to avoid carrying too much cash, as a status symbol intended for a select few. With the passage of time it has been understood that the credit card is instead, a useful resource to be able to make purchases even on a daily basis. If before, in fact, it was used only for important and valuable purchases, or during business trips or holidays; today the credit card is a real support for what is daily life. However, it took time to change the way people think and in this CartaSi it took its time, sensitizing and educating its customers to use paper in everyday life with every type of communication medium. To help this work of conviction, there were also many offers that entice customers to use the CartaSi for their purchases, thanks to the many promotions, the possibility of spreading out the expense in installments, and the convenience of buying and receiving credit on the account many days later and without paying any interest.

CartaSi today

Currently CartaSi, with its more than eight hundred member banks, the most widespread credit card in our country and, thanks to its inclusion in the international Visa and MasterCard circuits, which are the best, is accepted in all countries of the world without any problem. A guarantee, therefore, that has no equal and a brand that of CartaSi also adopted by interbank services as the only symbol, given the popularity and reliability associated with this brand.

Why choose CartaSi to play in an online casino

CartaSi, as we previously said, is synonymous with quality, which is why it is accepted practically all over the world but above all in all online casinos called CartaSi Online Casino. This credit card guarantees up to 45 credit days without interest or commissions. This means that the purchases made are debited from the current account between the end of the month and the 15th of the following month, without paying any interest. This formula is very appreciated by customers who have a CartaSi credit card, because they have the possibility to make purchases and not be forced to pay them immediately.

CartaSi and protection against fraud

CartaSi offers its customers important services to combat fraud, both in the case of purchases on the Internet, and for normal purchases. In the event of a frond occurring, CartaSi guarantees the credit card holder full reimbursement of the expenses incurred with the relative always free replacement of the card which will obviously arrive with a different numbering from the previous one. All this is also valid in case of online purchases, which are monitored by an anti-fraud protection system called 3D Secure and with a dedicated password. CartaSi also offers its customers a free SMS service, which notifies the customer as soon as a transaction is made with their credit card. In case your card has been cloned at, when you receive the SMS you can immediately call customer service and block the charge.

IoSi, the CartaSi loyalty program

CartaSi has created a loyalty program for its customers which consists in rewarding those who use their card the most to make their purchases. In addition to this with a small additional sum (12 euros) every year, the cardholder will be able to enjoy many benefits such as: a points collection that includes many prizes, dedicated assistance, discounts with CartaSi partners and a dedicated travel agency that every day presents extraordinary offers.