Bonuses for new players from Online Casinos

Online gambling is experiencing a strong expansion worldwide, since in our time there are really many users who interact within online gambling platforms. Even in our country, since the casinos were legalized, there has been a real boom in registrations by gambling enthusiasts, but also by newbies who, driven by curiosity, are entering en masse to make part of this fantastic world of virtual entertainment. We, as always, advise our readers to interact only and exclusively within the legal casinos, not only for the 100% security that they can guarantee, but also for the promotions that ensure many bonuses to new players but also to those registered for some time.

The nature of the incentive

All online gambling platforms that interact on the net assign attractive bonuses to new players in order to induce them to opt for one casino instead of another. This demonstrates how fierce the competition between the different companies, which invest a lot in promotions and Bonuses to new players just to try to expand their customer portfolio, but also not to disperse it when they have acquired a certain number of users. sign in.

What are the bonuses for new users?

Actually, at the moment, in any online gambling platform there is not a wide range of bonuses for new players. In fact, there are two types of incentives that are usually offered to newly registered users: deposit bonus and no deposit bonus.

How do I apply for a bonus?

In order to request new players to credit the Bonus, the user must first register on the Online Casino site, also indicating the payment method he intends to use to carry out the operations on his gaming account and then he must opt ??for the “Real Money” game mode, that is, by betting real money to try to achieve significant cash winnings.

Bonuses with deposit

New Welcome Player Bonuses are part of the deposit bonus category. These are bonuses that vary from 50% to 100% on the deposit that is made by the newly registered user and it is essential to make a deposit into your account in order to achieve it. Usually, the platform that provides bonuses to new players requires the user to play the bonus amount a predefined number of times before being able to withdraw it from the game account. This is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities that users have to try to increase the odds of winning money by betting more even by using funds given as gifts by the Casino, just like in this case.

No deposit bonus

Finally, we close this article dedicated to Bonuses for new players, to talk about bonuses without deposit. The latter are free funds that are disbursed by the online casino in favor of the newly registered user and that in order to use them, all they have to do is request them without making any payment to their gaming account. These are often small numbers when compared to deposit bonuses, but they can be used to enter the game in “Real Money” mode without risking your own money!