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Discover this unique Football Lay betting system that wins 9 times out of 10. Betting System Tips and secrets for a football betting system that can help real people succeed and win. Learn more about the exciting world of Lay Betting Systems today.

The phenomenal growth and success of Betting Exchanges like Betfair in recent years has allowed people to take full advantage of the unique service they offer. Lay betting systems allow savvy punters to do away with the traditional bookmaker altogether. By making full use of a service known as the lay betting system provided by the betting exchange environment, it provides a modern alternative to the traditional back betting system. Also, betting offers many other valuable features that are not available anywhere else.

Betfair is undoubtedly the largest betting exchange in the world, offering people a real alternative to the traditional form of system betting known as ‘system betting  back Betting Strategies ‘. Now you have the unique opportunity to use “lay betting systems” playing the role of bookmaker.

Place betting systems, playing the role of a bookie – let me explain!

I will try to explain as simply as possible, the lay betting system is a facility provided by the betting exchanges that allows you to use your own skill and judgment on the outcome of almost any sporting event that you believe will not win. This is called ‘lay betting’ or ‘lay betting system’.

It is no longer necessary to back only winners to collect your winnings, you can now place a lay bet using the lay exchange betting system. This puts you in a unique and extremely powerful position to be able to cash in on the world of losers by using the power of lay betting systems and betting exchanges.

Lay betting system explained, here is an example of the Betfair betting system and how it works…

Let’s say, you follow the progress of your favorite football team very closely during the season. They are playing at home and you feel completely confident and sure in your mind that the game is not likely to end in a draw.

The lay betting system odds on the Betfair bet are as follows: – Team-A 5/2, Draw 2/1, Team-B 5/2.

Here’s a lay betting system explanation of how to use the 2/1 lay betting odds on Betfair: – In this example, the lay betting system odds for the draw are 2/1, so if you bet, the draw for credit £10 then. ..

If a draw was the final result for this football match then you would lose £20 (2 x £10).

If you played the part of the bookie using lay system bets to bet on the draw and that football match did not end in a draw, then you get to keep your £10 bet money (less a small commission for Betfair).

Betfair lay betting system explained:

Using the lay betting system example above – this is exactly the same as placing a conventional bet with a bookie for £10 at odds of 2/1, except that using the Betfair lay betting system you can keep your bet money if the bet loses as expected, like a traditional bookmaker If the bet wins, then the bookmaker will keep the bet money in the traditional way.

The thrill and excitement of using lay betting systems on betting exchanges is now available on almost any sporting event imaginable. You name it and you can probably bet the outcome. This could be football, horse racing, cricket, rugby or perhaps golf, in fact new lay betting system markets are always available.

Let’s take a look at another example of lay betting systems – this time we’ll look at horse racing and how you can turn the odds in your favor, instead of against you, with the lay betting system.


Imagine a horse race of 12 runners. To win using the traditional ‘betting back system’, it would be necessary to find the winner of the match. Look at it another way, you will only have one horse running FOR you (that would be the one you have bet to win). The rest of the field, the other 11 horses will run ALL OF ONE. Any one of those other 11 horses could go on to win the race and completely destroy your chances of winning. This is the conventional way to lose your betting money (otherwise known as ‘back betting’ or ‘back betting system’).

BETTING SYSTEMS: Again we will use a 12 runner race to explain. To place your odds in favour, with lay system bets you can only bet one horse to lose, in any race using the Betfair betting exchange This has the overall effect of all the other 11 horses running FOR you, with only 1 horse (what you have bet to lose the match) to run AGAINST . Therefore, if any other horse from the remaining 11 contenders goes ahead and wins the race, then your bet will be successful (this is called a ‘lay bet’ or ‘lay betting system’)

I realize that singles betting systems can sound a little confusing, especially if you don’t know anything about the subject. However, the potential profits are there for people who take the time to learn all they can about betting exchanges and betting systems in general.

I think you’ll agree, trying to pick the winner of a 12-runner race will prove much more difficult than picking a horse to lose. Let’s face it – by placing the   betting odds in  your favor with a lay betting system, we have to open up a lot more profit opportunities. Instead of having the odds stacked steadily AGAINST you using the traditional back betting system route, you can create a situation where the odds are stacked too heavily for you by simply using the folk betting system as a profitable alternative.