Best casino bonuses: a sea of ??offers, but beware of constraints

xStilare a ranking of the best casino bonuses is certainly not an easy undertaking, in all respects. The biggest problem is due to the fact that every day the many online casinos present new bonuses to attract more and more customers. We try, however, to put some order in this sense, so as to give our users a clearer mirror on what concerns the bonus issue.

How to tell if a bonus is beneficial or not

The first thing to do when going to consider the many bonuses present, is to understand if that bonus could represent the best choice for us, according to our needs. First of all we need to establish what kind of players we are, what category we fall into and what kind of games we prefer. After this we can understand what kind of bonus we can direct our choice to. Once this is done then we can decide the best bonus, the one we like best and above all that offers us more in terms of economic return.

An important condition related to the best bonus speech

Once you’ve chosen the best bonus for your gaming needs, the key thing to do is to check the house edge. The lower the margin, the more chance you have of squandering all the money received as a bonus from the online casino in which we signed up. This because? Because there are some online casinos that have criteria for the disbursement of the bonus or even more for the collection of the bonus in case of winning, linked to the bets. Finding, therefore, a casino that has a low house edge for a given game (often it is dice or roulette), we can limit the losses and after reaching the predetermined number of games to be able to collect the bonus, start betting on our favorite game.

Some examples of best bonuses divided into categories

Among the many best bonuses in online casinos we want to report what allows each user to be able to play for a whole day without having to pay anything to their gaming account. You got it right a whole day and not the classic hour, the famous free spins bonus, which we often find offered by many online casinos. The bonus in question therefore gives 1500 credits that can be spent within 24 hours, when the user decides to start. The advantage is therefore linked to the time available to play and therefore try to increase the loot to take home. What about leaks? Well, no problem, so much available credits had been offered.

Best deposit bonus

The best bonus linked to the deposit by the user who signs up is that which gives 100% of the deposit made at the time of registration and which has a very high maximum limit, such as what Titan Bet casino offers its users and which sees this maximum limit settling on the sum of one thousand euros. By registering here and opening a deposit account, with a payment of one thousand euros, the user will find himself well over two thousand to spend on playing where he wants and trying his luck.

Best bonus for no deposit casinos

We have talked about the best bonus for Italian online casinos, so now we direct our attention to those that offer the best bonus without having to make a deposit into the gaming account. Among Italians, therefore, who are AAMS licensees there is certainly IziPlay which with a bonus of 30 euros without any deposit, currently ranks first in the ranking of the best casino bonuses.