Bonuses on request

TitanBet Casino 500 € free bonus Since the Italian government has started a process of legalizing online gambling in the past summer, many online gambling platforms have been licensed by Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS) and the number of users who interact within them every day has grown dramatically. This result is also due to their loyalty policy which provides for the disbursement of various bonuses on request.

Loyalty policies

As we said earlier, the companies that own the sites of the Online Casinos, in our time, in order to attract the attention of the millions of gambling enthusiasts, recognize the assignment of many Bonuses on request that favor the registration of their customers and that reward the loyalty of many others who, assiduously, are present within them to perform their own games.

Automatic bonuses

Before talking about the Bonuses on request, we believe it is useful to introduce a premise that better makes the casinos that currently interact on the market of entertainment services on the network understand the reasons and importance of this initiative. Users, who have already had the opportunity to interact in other platforms other than those that display the AAMS logo, have been awarded welcome bonuses, automatically, that is to say without making any request for this benefit. Often, however, behind these attractive incentives arise obligations and conditions which are somewhat binding and which can also become annoying and penalizing for the sphere of the customer who, clearly, deserves to be protected, hence the birth of the bonuses to request.

Automatic bonuses and scams

A piece of advice, which we give to our readers, is to be wary of the offers that, in a rather aggressive way, are offered by several foreign companies operating in the world of online gambling, because almost always, behind the latter there is a deception. For this reason, Italian law has provided for the introduction of the bonus on request, precisely to prevent the possibility of real scams to the detriment of the players.

The bonus on request

The bonus on request starts from an initiative, which in contractual and legal terms is strongly desired by the AAMS, which provides for the payment of the bonus only if the user, who is the other contractual party, of his own free will makes it request, after reading the terms and conditions of the marketing initiatives that are carried out by all the companies operating on the network through the respective websites of the AAMS Online Casinos. In compliance with the rules on online gambling, every aspect, which concerns the contractual relationship between the company and the individual user, must present a certain degree of compliance with its requirements and respond to the needs of transparency and truthfulness, in order to for this reason, the bonus on request must be awarded upon free manifestation of consent by the contractor-consumer.

Bonus request

Users, who intend to spend hours of pure fun, operating their bets safely and reliably in Italian casinos, can get the bonus on request by means of a very simple procedure that involves performing a payment to their gaming account and which allows them to immediately obtain a credit that varies from 50% to 100% on the first deposit. After receiving the credit, the player can immediately use the bonus for their play within the chosen platform.